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What We’ve Witnessed

Over the last decade, ReviveHealth has seen providers answer the call to do more with less—without letting up on their mission to improve health. At the same time, we’ve seen payors respond—not with collaboration, but with underhanded contract terminations. Not with conversation, but with coercion to reduce rates. Not with compassion, but with litigation and burdensome administrative processes. And that’s, by the way, in the context of a global pandemic where providers continue to go above and beyond, even at the expense of financial solvency, even as they deal with COVID-19’s ongoing threat to their very survival.

And there’s more to payors’ bad behavior than kicking providers when they’re down. Payors are also kicking consumers when they’re down. Consumers who are too busy fighting to keep their jobs, manage their children’s remote learning, and stay healthy during a pandemic to even realize that their insurer has become their adversary. That payors are getting filthy rich by insuring them without actually covering their care.

Payor policies and business strategies block providers from delivering care and they block consumers from accessing it. It’s time to hold the insurance industry accountable for putting wealth over health and to make payors actually pay for healthcare.

Are we a little crazy to think we can call out a multi-billion-dollar industry? Maybe. Are we serious about doing it? Absolutely. Healthcare is too important to allow a single group of stakeholders to profit while hospitals, providers, employers, and consumers suffer.

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