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un-covered to reach broader audiences with formidable backing

Un-covered to Reach Broader Audiences with Formidable Backing

By Un-covered
Health insurance whistleblower Wendell Potter formally adopts Un-covered into his network of healthcare advocacy efforts Read More
Rich man in a limo grasping a briefcase

Are Health Plans Driving Costs At Patients’ and Providers’ Expense?

By Un-covered
In Indiana, the data seems to point toward “yes” Read More
Board members in shadow sitting at a table

Three Health Plan Predictions for 2022

By Wendell Potter
Insurance industry dynamics continue to drive up both consumer costs and payor profits. Read More
Masked healthcare professional with their head resting against a wall looking despondent

New Rule Gives Insurers Upper Hand in Surprise Billing Battles

By Wendell Potter
A new rule outlines how payors and providers will dispute payment rates – and puts doctors as a disadvantage. Read More
Close up of a man in suit, smoking a cigar and counting a stack of money

One Patient’s Pain and UnitedHealth Group’s Payday

By Wendell Potter
Two news stories – a patient's struggle in St. Louis and a payor's Q3 earnings – show just how damaging the U.S. insurance industry has become. Read More
Seated man in suit with a cigar, handing a stack of money to a man behind him.

When It Comes to Health Insurance, What are We Paying For?

By Wendell Potter
Health plans cost more and cover less. How did this happen? Read More

Three Big Health Insurance Myths

By Wendell Potter
How insurers deflect criticism, avoid reform and preserve the status quo. Read More

The latest trend? Blowing up networks

By Wendell Potter
Patient beware–CA lawsuit alleges three major insurers feature “ghost networks” in provider directories. Read More

How Insurers Obscure Healthcare Costs

By Wendell Potter
Payors are skilled at deflecting the blame for high healthcare costs, even while enjoying record profits. Here's how it's done. Read More
Rich blond woman in sunglasses and diamond necklace in front of a private jet.

The Individual Marketplace: What we know now

By Nate Kaufman
One of the most important things that the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 did was to create the individual market, a series of state-based insurance marketplaces (“exchanges”) where consumers could go to select and purchase health plans. Read More
Two gentlemen in suits and ties looking distinguished, drinking at a bar, looking at the viewer.

The Three Trends Fueling Health Insurers’ Frightening Growth and Profitability

By Wendell Potter
2020 was the year of the worst pandemic of our lifetime, and it turned out to be the most profitable year ever for America’s health insurers, even as many hospitals and physician practices were struggling to stay afloat. Unless current trends change and cause some unexpected reversal of fortune, 2021 will likely bring more of the same — if not bigger profits — for health insurers. Read More
Two figures shaking hands while one figure has his fingers crossed behind his back.

2020 Trust Index

By Un-covered
Our annual national survey measures the level of trust between hospitals and health plans. We’ve been conducting this research for years, and 2020 brought the most dramatic erosion of trust in health plans we’ve witnessed yet. Read More

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