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Still riding that health insurer merry-go-round

You’re not crazy to think that your insurance should cover your prescription drugs, but some insurers might make you feel that way when they fail to reimburse you – as was the case for one senior citizen from Kansas City.

You pay for insurance to help pay for healthcare, which includes your prescription medications. So, what happens when they stop covering those expenses?

That’s exactly what 85-year-old Juanita Freeman’s was surely asking when it looked like Cigna might try to pull a fast one. Like many senior citizens, her medicine cabinet is full of prescriptions she must routinely take. The medications were covered seamlessly for years – until this past year, when she realized that Cigna hadn’t reimbursed her upwards of $2,000. So, now insurers are denying seniors their much-needed prescriptions? Color us shocked.

Her story, reported and investigated by Fox 4 Kansas City, did reach a solution. The cost was finally covered, but took months of back and forth – a substantial burden Cigna forced their customer to bear.

Anyone who’s had to call their insurance company is probably having flashbacks just thinking about it – the automated robots, the hold music, the bouncing back and forth, no one giving you a straight answer… it’s a living nightmare, especially when your health hangs in the balance.

We’ve let payors get so big, it seems they’ve lost the ability to provide adequate customer service – ya know, good business – to their members, the very same people who pay them tons of money to take care of them.

We know this is also not a one-time issue – as we said, riding the insurer merry-go-round is a sadly common experience. But we have to wonder if part of the run-around is not a bug in the system, but a feature they’ve intentionally designed. When the customer service merry-go-round keeps spinning, how many folks decide to just jump off?

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