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UnitedHealthcare squeezes Gaston County’s only hospital during worst pandemic months

On November 19, the Gaston Gazette covered the ensuing dispute after UnitedHealthcare terminated its contract with CaroMont Health.

Residents of Gaston County with UnitedHealthcare insurance are expected to face higher costs at Gaston County’s only hospital, CaroMont Regional Medical Center. This is due to UnitedHealthcare terminating their CaroMont Health contract. Why did UnitedHealthcare cut ties with the only hospital in Gaston County, leaving patient wallets exposed to high hospital bills? The only reasonable speculation is that UnitedHealthcare is continuing down the path for profits. UnitedHealthcare suggested CaroMont Regional Medical Center’s contract terms were too high, but the pattern we continue to see is that UnitedHealthcare doesn’t reimburse providers enough. What is UnitedHealthcare doing to ensure they are not stopping access to patient care?

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