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When it comes to denying coverage, United’s like the Energizer Bunny… it never stops

The LA Times catches on to health insurer games – calling out carriers for denying even the most basic of coverage. All things we knew, but we’re happy to have an ally in this fight.

We’ve covered a conglomeration of bad behavior from UnitedHealthcare – actions that many think negatively impact patients and providers alike, all in the name of profits.

Now, we have a new ally in the game – the LA Times. (Welcome, welcome!)

A recent article outlined some of United’s most despicable behavior into one story, including attempts to implement a policy retroactively denying emergency department claims and denying coverage for out-of-network care provided outside of a patient’s service area. All of which we’ve also made a roar about.

The piece specifically calls out the idea that “insurance is the art of managing risks,” which we can wholeheartedly agree with. We’ll even admit that it is an art, and perhaps a necessary one. Even if insurers were truly focused on solely reducing overall healthcare costs, we still wouldn’t like some of their decisions. We acknowledge compromises must be made.

However, insurers continue to take things too far. The LA Times: “The problem here is that, for patients, there’s an arbitrariness built into the system that makes you constantly wonder if a company’s profit margin is a greater priority than people’s well-being.” Hear, hear.

It’s our mission to bring this dynamic to light, so needless to say, we’re downright delighted to see the LA Times finally calling them out, too.

From employers to journalists to individual patients – more Americans are catching on to the fact that insurance companies are rolling in cash while they deny claims. Does this mean that more policymakers will start to feel the pressure to act and oversee the payor-led erosion of our healthcare system?

One can dream.

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