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Un-covered to Reach Broader Audiences with Formidable Backing

Health insurance whistleblower Wendell Potter formally adopts Un-covered into his network of healthcare advocacy efforts

By Un-covered

No one in healthcare agrees on anything—except that it’s broken.

Our firsthand experience in healthcare gave us a glimpse into how this crazy, controversial – and at times corrupt – system works. But more importantly, it also showed how often our healthcare system doesn’t work. And once we started to pay attention, a pattern emerged – a pattern of the “buck” being passed from insurers to…well, everyone else.

We believe that health insurers continue to put wealth over health, while institutions responsible for providing healthcare services are being asked to do more in return for less. Un-covered was birthed from this sentiment – a desire to expose those who take advantage of patients and providers in the interest of making a buck.

Since our founding, we’ve received a wave of positive responses from patients and policymakers alike. And we’ve met some allies along the way. We found that there are some people out there who, like us, believe the American healthcare system should prioritize care access, not coverage restrictions.

One of these allies is Wendell Potter. Wendell got a front-row view to the business incentives of insurers during his career at Cigna. After a crisis of conscience, he walked away from the job, and pivoted to pursuing healthcare reform. Wendell has since dedicated his professional life to ensuring that patients get what they pay for, and providers get treated fairly.

The longer the Un-covered team worked with Wendell, the more obvious it became that he is well suited to take the effort forward. Beginning in early 2022, Wendell will continue the movement that has become Un-covered.  The platform will be part of the Center for Health and Democracy, Wendell’s umbrella organization for his various healthcare advocacy efforts.

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